A points of light campaign set in a tweaked version of the implied Core setting. This will be a combat focused campaign but of course RP elements will be plentiful.

The initial series of events focus on the Freelands of Last spear, a nation of military savvy, patriots who have fallen on hard times since the death of their last great king 100 years ago to an ancient curse. Since then, beasts and goblin hordes alike have beset upon the kingdom from every angle, forcing them into a war of attrition that cannot be won.

Their allies are beset with their own internal struggles, and the once friendly nations of elves and dwarves have turned their backs on humanity, after their own leaders were killed by the same dark curse for befriending the nations of man.

Now, brave warriors, devout priests and cunning mages travel from across the globe to these lands – perhaps to make their fortune as mercenaries or raiding the now vacant lairs of the lands sorcerers, or maybe to avenge the deaths of loved ones slain by the goblin hordes or maybe to simply gain power and seize the struggling nation for themselves!

The Curse of Linoxim

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