Freelands of the Spear

Since the death of King Nyotinis, the FREELANDS of LAST SPEAR have been rocked by war. The darker forces of the world had been growing ever stronger, and with the fulfillment of Linoxim the Wight Borne’s curse and King Nyotinis’ death, threats have emerged from seemingly every corner to plague the Kingdom. Numerous tribes of goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, trolls, giants and other discordant creatures advanced upon the frontier towns and villages of the kingdom. The once great earth roads of the kingdom have fallen into disrepair from constant marches of cavalry and soldiers, the chaotic fray of battle has all but destroyed the once fragrant fields of daisy and honeysuckle that filled the land. The superior military might of the people, coupled with their remarkable skill in weapon craft have allowed them to sustain the kingdom. However, over the years it has become clear – this is a war of attrition the Kingdom cannot survive if something does not change. The elderly King Hayder is more than 100 years old, but still sits on the throne. Nyotinis’ was murdered when Hayder was just a small boy, and he therefore lacked what many consider an appropriate upbringing to handle his sovereign duty. Many regard Nyotinis the “last great king” of the SPEARLANDS. Hayder has no direct heir as he never took a queen. Alexandra, daughter of Hayder’s now deceased sister Alexa, gave birth to Prince Ardo. Now age 18, he stands to inherit the throne from the aging Hayder. The people of the nation are stout and patriotic, but mistrustful of strangers. More so after the events 100 years ago, as many blame spies and turn-coats for giving away military secrets or forging pacts with tribes of wildmen and goblinoids, leading in no small part to the warfare they now face daily. Most commoners are trained in basic military tactics, and common garb is a shoulder band bearing the royal crest, heavy leather boots and a long spear (expertly made of steel and sturdy elm) – as it is never certain when the militia will be called upon to aid the national army. This has also lead to a very competitive and athletic population, and when a rare moment of respite is found from the dangers looming the kingdom, the populace engage in feats of strength and skill – both for bragging rights and to remain in top fighting condition should the need for the militia arise.

Government: Monarchy

National crest: Red flag with white spear overlying a crown with three points

Realm Size: Medium Realm, Moderate population – primarily human.

State of the Nation: Martial Law

National strengths/weaknesses: Military / Education

Racial attitudes: Mistrust

National renown: Superior weapons and armor

National social traits: Patriotic citizens, Athletic and very competitive

National rumors and Stories: King is old and about to die, without a direct heir to throne

National transportation: Horses, always black or bay for military/dignitaries. Branded on left shoulder with breeder and on the right shoulder with official registration.

National Calamities: Last great king died after a curse, Recent invasion/war

National weapon: Long spear

National dress: Arm bands featuring royal crest, heavy leather boots

Religion: Almost all towns have a small chapels to Pelor or Kord, Larger cities may have places of worship to Bahamut/Moradin/Heironeous. Few citizens find comfort in the words of the clergy.

Road types: Heavy packed earth/dirt, many in poor condition

Apple, Ash, Cypress and Elm
Fields of yellow Daisies and Honeysuckle
Crops of Wheat, Barley, cotton, beans
Common game: Deer, Elk, Carp, Cod, Quail, Pheasant, Rabbit

Economy: Exportation of weapons/armor, Small amounts of farming / hunting

Castle Last Spear, home of the Throne of Lions, Seat of the Monarch
Ruler: King Hayder, Son of Nyotinis

Common Threats:
Wolves/Bears/other animals

The Southern Reaches

Freelands of the Spear

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